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Simple Steps to Data Success​


What’s DataNext Talks all about?

Concise Learning

We value your time. Our sessions are designed to offer generous value in 1 hour or less, allowing learning to be accessible even within the tightest of schedules.


Expert Insight

Many of our speakers are movers and shakers with long careers, exceptional expertise, and endless insights.



Ask questions of our speakers during live Q&A sessions to dig in and get answers to your biggest questions.

Build Connections

Our events are designed to foster connections among attendees, providing opportunities for networking and collaboration.


Accessible to All

Enjoy the convenience of watching our webinars from your home, office, or even your mobile device, available on demand.

Expert Webinars
These webinars feature industry leaders and professionals sharing their knowledge on various topics in data science, analytics, and technology.
The focus is on delivering high-value content in under 2 hours, making it easy for busy professionals to stay updated with the latest trends and insights.
Case Studies
Real-world applications of data science and analytics. Companies and organisations share their successful projects, detailing the challenges they faced, the solutions they implemented, and the results they achieved.
This format provides valuable insights into practical applications and strategies.
Hands-On Workshops
These interactive sessions provide participants with practical experience in using the latest tools and techniques in data science.
Each workshop is designed to offer step-by-step guidance, ensuring participants gain hands-on skills that they can apply in their work.
Fireside Chat
Designed to foster intimate, in-depth conversations among a small group of industry experts and professionals.
These sessions provide a collaborative environment where participants can share experiences, challenges, and brainstorm solutions related to data science, analytics, and technology.


Partner with DataNext Talks - host a webinar, workshop, customer case study or fireside chat. Each year we offer 10 exclusive sponsorship opportunities, providing unique opportunities to connect with a targeted audience of data professionals and enthusiasts.

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